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Childrens Health

There is a good guide on the NHS website which describes various skin conditions affecting children. There is advice on how to diagnose them, how to treat them and if further advice should be consulted.
Click here for the NHS childhood skin conditions Slideshow

Communicable Diseases

Many a times we worry about the infective period and how long the child needs to be kept off school etc. Click on the below link to view the official advice from the health protection agency
Click here for information regarding infection control in schools and childcare settings

Childhood Immunisation
Click here to view the UK Immunisation Schedule

When Should I Worry?
Having an ill child can be a very scary experience for parents. If you understand more about the illness it can help you to feel more in control. This booklet is for parents (and older children) and deals with common infections in children who are normally healthy.
Download the booklet

Head Lice

Head lice are insects that live on the scalp and neck. They may make your head feel itchy. Although head lice may be embarrassing and sometimes uncomfortable, they don't usually cause illness. However, they won't clear up on their own and you need to treat them promptly
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