Hypertension & Blood Pressure

When using a BP machine make sure the monitor is:-
 –  Checked every year by “Calibrating it” when the monitor is over 2 years old.

 –  Has the right size arm cuff

 –  Usually you will be asked to record 2 readings a day for 7 days (so at least 14 readings in total)

 –  Sit relaxed when measuring your BP. Most patients will take 2 readings each time and write down the best reading.

 –  When you have a full 7 days of readings you can either send it to us via:-
eConsult, email or drop the sheet off with your name, Date of Birth and the date the readings were taken.

eConsult is an easy way to send your readings. All you need to do is click on this link https://moorlandssurgerydarlington.webgp.com/consult-hypertension-review and follow the instructions.

The British Heart Foundation has more infomation about doing home BP readings.

If your readings are high the surgery will contact you to discuss your management.

Patients who already take regular medication for their blood pressure should check their readings every 6 months but sometimes we may ask you to do more frequent checks.

We can calibrate your machine but it needs to be clearly marked with your name and date of birth. BP machines over 2 years old must be calibrated every year to make sure they are accurate.

If you have a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation an automated BP machine is not accurate and you will need to have your BP checked by a Doctor or Nurse.