New Patients

All new patients are required to complete a registration form. Registration may take up to 48 hours.

New patient registrations require photographic identification and proof of address,
i.e. passport or driving licence plus a recent utility bill or statement showing your current address.

Parents will be asked to complete a questionnaire on behalf of their children.Medical treatment from your doctor is available from the date of registration.

Boundary Map

Catchment Area

Temporary Patients

You can register as a temporary resident if you’re ill or need medical advice and if you are in the area for longer than 24 hours but less than three months.
You’ll still remain registered with your permanent GP, but you can see your temporary GP for up to three months. After three months you will have to re-register as a temporary patient or permanently register with that practice.
Your temporary GP will pass details of any treatment you have to your permanent GP, who will add the information to your medical records.